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Start Living With Power And Purpose

Discover The Secrets For Finding Clarity and Certainty in Business and Life, While Creating A Legendary Living Legacy.

At the end of the day… (or end of our life), we can’t take anything with us.

The only thing we REALLY have are the lives we’ve touched and the impact we’ve made in the world around us.

So, what does it mean to create a legacy and make an impact? And how to we actually do it?

Do you ever feel like God has bigger plans for your life, but you just can’t seem to see His vision? Are you searching for a sense of belonging,  brotherhood, fulfillment or purpose? Are you “in transition” and want to change careers, start a business, write a book, become a speaker, or just have an adventure and be someone who makes a difference?

Most men I talk with feel under attack, undervalued and misunderstood. We search for meaning and purpose, but unless we find it QUICK, we usually end up in a dark pit of addiction and self-destructive patterns.

If any of this sounds familiar… then you’re in the right place.  Welcome to the Legacy Hacks Podcast.

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Brian Singer

I've been a self-employed entrepreneur most of my working life. I've worked in film and television, I'm a licensed general contractor and house flipper and I'm the co-owner of a BBQ restaurant. Like most business owners I've succeeded and failed, but each time I've learned a little bit more about business, entrepreneurship and life.
If you're anything like me, you've had those nagging questions in the back of your mind... "Is this even what I want to be doing with my life?" Legacy Hacks Podcast is my journey in attempting to answer these huge, terrifying questions.

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